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Interior painting of the house

Residential buildings are reliable and durable constructions with high thermal insulation and durability. To ensure that such structures have indeed served a long period without the formation of rot, it requires external and internal painting of the house.

Features of painting the house inside

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To paint the house inside was qualitative and aesthetic, it is necessary to execute three stages of works:

Grinding and cleaning the surface before applying a layer of paint. This will achieve smoothness and remove unwanted dirt.

Phase primer. And to save on this cover is not necessary, since it should reliably mesh. To work on the application of paint, only complete drying of this layer starts.

Application of paint on the surface. It is recommended to use two to three layers, and apply them after the previous one has dried. This will achieve the desired shade and smoothness of walls.

Painting the walls of a house and other surfaces is the main task in a company that only masters perform.

Carrying out this kind of work, like interior painting of a house, only high-quality materials are used that have a long service life. For each type of services, guarantees are provided and they are performed on time, according to the contract.

For interior painting of the house, three types of paint are used: .

Oils that are able to penetrate deeply into the texture and protect from the formation of mold. 

Acrylic - have a large selection of colors, while at the same low price. The disadvantage is that they are easily flammable, which is not suitable for wooden buildings. Water-emulsion. A reliable option that uses digging. They are attractive in appearance and perform protective functions well.

You can not worry about the quality of the paint material, since we have already thought of everything.

The interior painting of the house or condo has nuances that we take into account in the work. Therefore, we offer three options for applying paint inside a residential houses:

Painting lining;

Painting on various surfaces inside a house; House painting from the inside. For each option, an individual approach, based on the characteristics of the material, while the work is performed at a high level of quality. Turning to the company VanProRen you will be satisfied with the result.

If you need an internal painting of the walls of a house, then our specialists will first identify you with the color, since it affects the atmosphere of the room most of all. Only after agreeing on the details of the desired result and the timing of the work, the masters will begin to clean, sand and paint.

Therefore, the painting of the walls inside the house will be the one you dreamed of. All kinds of works are provided with guarantees and accuracy of performance on time.

To find out the specific cost for the service Interior painting, as well as to know the prices for our other services, you can order a callback from a specialist from us or send our questions to the feedback form.

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